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Tri Tip Marinade: Three Awesome Steak Marinade Recipes

A tri tip roast is a wonderful cut of beef.  The tri tip is a 1-2 pound steak that comes from the bottom of the sirloin.  The name “tri tip” refers to the odd shape of the muscle.

Tri Tips are one of “secret jewels” of the steak world.

Tri tips have very little internal marbling so they are rather mild on the flavor scale.

I like to make these extra special by marinating the tri tip overnight then slow smoking the next day.  You can slice up a slow smoked marinated tri tip and use it to make steak sandwiches good enough to make you cry!

For years my standard tri tip marinade had a red wine and herb base.  I have recently fallen in love with a coffee based tri tip marinade.  I am going to share those two marinades with you as well as a pretty awesome Asian styled tri tip marinade.

Let’s get going!

Here are three great tri tip marinades that will take this cut of beef to a whole new level of awesomeness!  Best results are obtained when the meat marinates in the refrigerator overnight.

Red Wine and Herb Tri Tip Marinade

Use a nice wine in your tri tip marinade since the flavor really stays with the beef.  I use Rex Goliath California Red.

This tri tip went onto a Weber kettle set up for indirect low heat.

Tri Tip Marinade with Red Wine and Herbs

The tri tip was smoked for two hours until it reached an internal temperature of 130F.

I then put the tri tip directly over the coals to sear it off.

After the tri tip seared for about two minutes I took it off the grill and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Pay attention to the grain structure (it changes halfway through the steak) and slice against the grain.

Turned out pretty nice!

The sweetness and complexity of the wine can be tasted in every bite.  If you love red wine you then will love this tri tip marinade.

Since I used a California red wine for the marinade I decided to make some California inspired tri tip sandwiches.

Slice the smoked tri tip as thin as you can.

Slather a toasted hoagie roll on both sides with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard.  Add some fresh cracked  black pepper.

Make a little bed of lettuce and top with sliced tri tip, avocado and diced tomatoes.

California Dreaming Tri Tip Sandwich

Bold and Beautiful Coffee Tri Tip Marinade

Sometimes you will find a tri tip roast that still has the fat cap attached.

When I get one of these I will score the fat with a diamond pattern then roast it at higher temperatures to get a beautiful golden crust.

I grilled this tri tip with indirect high heat for about 90 minutes until it hit an internal temperature of 137F.

While the tri tip was resting I grilled some large mushroom slices.

I sliced up the steak and served it with a delicious chimichuri sauce.

This steak comes off the grill with an amazingly rich, almost chocolate, flavor.  The deep bold flavors from the marinade get nicely balanced by the bright freshness of the chimichuri sauce.

Chimichuri Sauce

Pulse with an immersion blender until incorporated.

Asian Style Tri Tip Marinade

For the diced green onions I chopped up the white parts of seven green onions.  Save the green parts for presentation later on.

This is the mildest tri tip marinade recipe of the three.

The flavors in the marinade are nicely balanced and will not over power the natural flavor of the tri tip.

This tri tip was smoked with indirect low heat for about two hours until an internal temperature of 135F was reached.

I let this smoked tri tip rest for a while and sliced it up.

This smoked tri tip was used to make steak salad.

Hey, if you are going to eat salad you might as well throw some steak on the thing!

I hope you try one of these tri tip marinade ideas if you are lucky enough to find this elusive steak in your grocery store!

If you need a little help getting your kettle in running condition before you grill up some steaks then here is a full list of the parts you might need.

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