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Weber Grill Brush Review

Weber sells a bunch of different grill brushes and I wanted to see which one was best.  There are several brushes that are silly gimmicks with replaceable heads, etc.  I ignored those grill brushes.

I ended up buying three different Weber grill brushes and I put them through their paces.   I am convinced that there is a clear winner among the different choices but the best brush isn’t my favorite.

The evaluation started with a pretty filthy charcoal grill grate.  Look familiar 🙂

The first brush that got a shot at cleaning this grate was the 12 inch Weber bamboo grill brush.  I love the look and feel of this brush!

This brush has a handy metal scraper tip so you can really work each individual rod on the grate.  The scraper tip is okay…you don’t really need it.  I think it’s pretty.  The bristles on this grill brush are thick and solid.

This grill brush did an okay job at cleaning the grill grate but just couldn’t do much with the edges.  The basic square design of brush head limits it’s ability to work the sides.

Missed a Spot!

The next brush I tried was the Weber three sided bristle brush.

Weber sells a 12 inch version of this brush and a much longer version.  I bought the long one.

The three sided brush was easily able to clean the edges of the charcoal grill grate.

The three sided grill brush wasn’t able to clean the lower support grid but the actual grilling surface came out looking great!

The next Weber grill brush I tried looked interesting but turned out to be a disappointment. I didn’t pay much attention to this grill brush when I bought it.  I was just grabbing products off the shelf.

It turns out that you are supposed to use this brush on a cold grill after you spray the grate with a special Weber cleaning fluid.

Seriously?  They want to turn cleaning your grill grates into that kind of production?

I went ahead and opened the package.  The disappointments just kept coming.

This Weber grill brush is basically a scouring pad that you stick onto a cheap plastic hand grip.

This Weber grill brush just looked and felt cheap and nasty.  I did decide to go ahead and try it out on my dirty gas grill grates.  Here is the “Before” picture.

And here is the “After” picture.

The scouring pad actually did a nice job of cleaning the top of the grill grate.  This brush did absolutely nothing to clean between the bars.

I wanted to get the middle sections clean and I didn’t even have to think about which grill brush to use.  My hand automatically picked up the three side grill brush and started doing some serious cleaning!

I threw the cheap plastic Weber grill brush in the trash.  Not only was it ugly but I know that I will never be able to find any replacement scouring pads when I would need them.

When I finished cleaning my gas grill I realized that the three sided grill brush would be the perfect tool to clean the underside of my Weber kettle lid.  The underside of the lid gets coated in flaky carbon deposits that really build up over time.


You can’t really tell from the after picture but the three sided brush did a GREAT job of getting rid of a lot of the crud.


The only problem I had with the three sided grill brush was that the long metal section in the middle would bend when I tried to apply a lot of force.

This wasn’t a huge deal but did mean that at times I couldn’t brush as hard as I wanted.

So where does this leave us?

I love the bamboo 12 inch Weber grill brush.  It works okay and looks beautiful hanging from my grill.

The better Weber grill brush is the three sided bristle brush.  This is the brush I will use routinely on my charcoal grill.

The BEST Weber grill brush is the shorter (12 inch) three sided grill brush.  The shorter version has all of the great cleaning abilities as the long one but won’t bend under pressure.

The shorter three sided Weber grill brush is also the #1 selling grill brush on Amazon so it looks like other folks have reached the same conclusion as me.

Here are the links to Amazon if you want to purchase a Weber grill brush.
12-Inch Bamboo Grill Brush
12-Inch 3-Sided Grill Brush

Now get that grill clean and get back to grilling!

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